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Eclectic, cinematic, and jazz-tinged electronic music, Soundtracks For Living is a collection of mixtapes designed to accompany you throughout your day. Expect a new episode each Tuesday and Thursday, including guest mixes from extremely talented and forward-thinking DJs.

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The Soundtracks For Living Collection:

Neverending Musings - Episode 3


Neverending Musings - Episode 3

A soundtrack for living

The Neverending Musings of a Distractible Mind is new monthly show on Soundtracks For Living curated by the venerable Trevor Matthews. Expect an eclectic mixtape featuring deep grooves of many genres, the second Tuesday of each month right here on Soundtracks For Living.


The Black Heart Procession – A Truth Quietly Told

Best Available Technology – Side B Strng 01

Radiohead – How to Disappear Completely

Best Available Technology – Grnd TDK SA-X100

Mazzy Star – Disappear

The Black Heart Procession – Destroying the City of Hearts

Stelvio Ciprani – Investigation

Best Available Technology – Sncs9

Leonard Cohen – Tower of Song

Black Sabbath – FX

Johnny Cash – Ain’t No Grave

Best Available Technology – Microfine Side B Gtrr

Chris Isaak – Wicked Game Instrumental

The Black Heart Procession – The Waiter No. 3

Cymande - Dove



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